Frontier #5 (Receptionist)

Receptionist Receptionists are usually the very first point of contact with whom clients and employees will be interacting when contacting an organization. Their main duty is to greet visitors and show them to the person best suited to assist them. They also address clients and employees’ phone and in-person inquiries, schedule and confirm appointments, andContinue reading “Frontier #5 (Receptionist)”

Yezwe #4 (Food Service And Waiter)

Food Service (Waiter) A food server (Waiter) is someone who performs a variety of customer service, food preparation, and cleaning duties in full-service restaurants, casual dining eateries, and other eating and drinking places. They are employed in restaurants, schools, hospitals, cafeterias, and other dining places. The majority work part time, which often includes early mornings,Continue reading “Yezwe #4 (Food Service And Waiter)”

Greyed #3 (Project Manager)

Project Manager A Project Manager manages key client projects. Project management responsibilities include the coordination and completion of projects on time within budget and within scope. Oversee all aspects of projects. Set deadlines, assign responsibilities and monitor and summarize progress of project. Prepare reports for upper management regarding status of project. This field may requireContinue reading “Greyed #3 (Project Manager)”

Sitch #2 (Media Relations)

Media Relations Media relations is a subset of public relations that focuses on sharing the benefits of an organization’s products, policies, or services through news media outlets. The goal is to maximize positive coverage in the media and protect the client organization from negative coverage when things go wrong. Unlike public relations as a whole,Continue reading “Sitch #2 (Media Relations)”

Checkers #1 (Social Media Brand Strategist)

Social Media Brand Strategist A Social Media Brand Strategist often works under the Brand Manager or marketing team to ensure a consistent and effective brand message on all online platforms. She/he will often need to be forward-thinking to anticipate future trends and success of a product or service. A strategist will develop positioning recommendations, guide market research analysisContinue reading “Checkers #1 (Social Media Brand Strategist)”