Sonke #11 (Telesales Rep) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE

Telesales Rep A Telesales Representative is a sales representative who uses the telephone to reach potential or existing customers.   Telesales Representatives who sell their product to other companies are also known as inside sales representatives.   A telesales representative must possess excellent communication and phone skills, patience, a persuasive and persistent nature, and great typing skills.Continue reading “Sonke #11 (Telesales Rep) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE”

Ama-inch #10 (Hairdresser) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE

Hairdresser A hairdresser is someone who specializes in cutting, colouring and styling hair in order to enhance or maintain a person’s appearance. Hairdressers are also referred to as hairstylists. Hairdressing is a reputable and well-established career that is attractive to many because of its high demand and flexibility of operations. A hairdresser can work asContinue reading “Ama-inch #10 (Hairdresser) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE”


Stewardess Once referred to as airline stewardesses and stewards, these airline employees are generally now called “flight attendants.” They serve food and beverages, help passengers with special needs, make announcements, enforce safety regulations and assist in all types of emergencies. Flight attendants need at least a high school education plus special airline training and FederalContinue reading “FlySA #9 (Stewardess) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE”