Bona #14 (Photographer) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE

Photographer – Job Description Photographers create memories and make special moments unforgettable. They are hired to capture the highlights of public and private events, such as press conferences or weddings, or may also work inside a studio, where people make appointments to get their picture taken. Most Photographers choose to work on a freelance basis,Continue reading “Bona #14 (Photographer) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE”

Mvula #13 (Electrician) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE

Electrician – Job Description Electricians install and maintain all of the electrical and power systems for our homes, businesses, and factories. They install and maintain the wiring and control equipment through which electricity flows. They also install and maintain electrical equipment and machines in factories and a wide range of other businesses. Electricians generally focusContinue reading “Mvula #13 (Electrician) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE”

Viri #12 (Truck Driver) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE

Truck Driver – Job Description Truck Drivers usually work for transportation companies specialized in carrying goods instead of people. They do as their title suggests, they operate heavy trucks in order to transport goods from one location to another. The type of goods transported can vary greatly from one customer to the other. Some ofContinue reading “Viri #12 (Truck Driver) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE”