Nam #16 (Translator) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE

Translator – Job Description

Nam #16 (Translator) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE

Translators are communication and language experts who read, comprehend and translate written messages from one language to another. Most Translators are self-employed, but some may choose to work for an agency dedicated to providing such services. Translators usually specialize in and work with two languages, their mother tongue and any other chosen language. However, they may also specialize in a third or even a fourth language, provided they possess high levels of fluency in either one. There is a common misconception that Interpreters and Translators are the same. Even though they’re both language experts, these two careers shouldn’t be confused with one another, and the main difference between them is what they translate. While Interpreters work with oral communications, Translators work with the written word; notwithstanding, many of these professionals provide both types of services.

Work Duties:

• Translating texts and other documents from one language to another, maintaining a sense of style and pace that is similar to the original.
• Performing research on specific terms and technicalities related to the field at hand.
• Creating and updating a glossary or terminology bank that may be used in future projects.
• Maintaining a style and sense uniformity that goes along with the Author’s intended tone.
• Ensuring that time is managed in an efficient way in order to meet project deadlines.

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