Join #20 (Marketing Analyst) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE

Marketing Analyst – – Job Description

Join #20 (Marketing Analyst) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE

The role performed by Marketing Analysts is considered one of the most demanding in the Marketing field. These professionals thoroughly examine any relevant information that may help the company make informed decisions on market tactics; in other words, they act as “analytics translators” who determine what products should be sold and what would be the most profitable way to do it.
Marketing Analysts focus on reducing the risks related to a marketing initiative or project. In this regard, these practitioners track campaigns and segment the customer base, as well as identify market trends and monitor competitors. Likewise, they consider aspects such as response rates, return on investment (ROI), and consumer dropout rates.
Marketing Analysts usually work for Marketing firms and business associations or any other organization that performs marketing activities. They can also be self-employed, in which case they usually work as freelance consultants.

Work Duties:

• Researching, gathering, and analyzing business data for Marketing Managers and Coordinators to review.
• Using intelligence tools to monitor current customers and to identify new ones.
• Updating business intelligence tools or methods.
• Designing and carrying out social, economic, and marketing surveys, as well as demographic studies to define target markets and their buying habits and preferences, as well as to determine existing and future trends.
• Conducting comparative research on marketing strategies.
• Reviewing marketing initiatives to provide advice on procedures and requirements.
• Preparing reports on market trends, consumer habits, and outcomes.

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