Yizo-yizo #21 (Community Manager) FREE CV / TEMPLATE

Community Manager – Job Description

Yizo-yizo #21 (Community Manager) FREE CV / TEMPLATE

Community Managers operate, regulate, and engage with the company’s online community in order to build and increase brand awareness and loyalty. These professionals act as the company’s face and create and curate all the content shared on social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat) and corporate blogs.
Community Managers stand as relationship builders since they interact and engage with customers and key members within the community. A Community Manager can also be referred to as a Social Media Manager. However, the latter is usually more specialized in social media analytics and strategic planning. In this regard, Social Media Managers analyze a brand’s online presence, discuss their observations with other departments, and make recommendations to help improve online communications. On the other hand, as their title implies, Community Managers are more community-oriented, meaning they will be more focused on answering customers’ comments, questions, and complaints, as well as creating relationships between existing and prospective followers, usually acting in accordance with strategies and procedures created by the Social Media Manager.
Both roles have overlapping responsibilities in providing customer service and interacting with followers, but each position attends to different goals; while Community Managers try to create engagement and brand awareness, Social Media Managers dedicate their efforts to growing the brand’s reach and the number of followers.

Work Duties:

• Creating relevant and engaging content.
• Gathering customer feedback and ensuring their needs are taken care of by the appropriate department.
• Monitoring and reporting social network activity.

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