Conspiracy #23 (IT Project Manager) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE

IT Project Manager – Job Description

Conspiracy #23 (IT Project Manager) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE

Technology and systems often need upgrades and improvements, thanks to the rapid changes that happen in the IT space. This is where a project manager comes in. An IT project manager is basically the person who manages the timelines and budgets of an information technology project to ensure that implementation is seamless.

A project manager’s role is hugely varied. Some projects are small and may only take a week, while some large scale projects can take months or even years. The project manager is fundamental to the successful delivery of the project and will be responsible for a wide range of tasks, such as:

Assembling project plans, giving teamwork assignments, identifying resource needs and escalating any issues appropriatelyPreparing the business case and showing the impact of a project in terms of costs, savings, revenues and benefitsTracking key project milestones and adjusting project plans to meet the needs of the businessManaging budgets and timescales effectivelyBuilding strong working relationships with all key stakeholdersCoordinating effective communication with all stakeholders throughout the processEnsuring an excellent understanding of the project at hand and the priorities of the business units affected by any change

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