Simunye #25 ( SOUS-CHEF) Free CV Template

Sous-Chef – Job Description

Simunye #25 ( SOUS-CHEF) Free CV Template

Within the ranks and hierarchy of a kitchen, the Sous-Chef is second in command, just under the Executive or Head Chef. In any case when the Executive Chef is unable to perform any of their assigned tasks or is absent from the kitchen, it is the responsibility of the Sous-Chef to step up and take charge of all duties. The name Sous-Chef comes from the French “under the chef”, but a more accurate translation could be “second chef”. When the Executive Chef is present, the Sous-Chef is in charge of providing assistance in some administrative tasks and handling situations that don’t require the expertise or authority of the first in command. Sous-Chefs participate in the coordination and supervision of all activities that occur inside the kitchen, including planning menus and daily specials, monitoring stocking of ingredients, organizing cooks schedules, and some administrative tasks such as balancing cash flows and overseeing revenue. Some Chefs may specialize in a certain type of cuisine (e.g. Asian, Ethnic, Mediterranean, and American) or they might prefer a certain type of specialty (e.g. pastry, meat, poultry, fish, and pasta). However, versatility is certainly an asset in the culinary world.

Work Duties:

  • Supervising kitchen staff and operations.
  • Ensuring quality standards are met.
  • Training kitchen staff members.
  • Building a network of vendors.
  • Taking care of food inventory, making respective orders, and inspecting the kitchen equipment in use.
  • Applying industry appropriate safety and hygiene standards in the kitchen.

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