Sdudla #27 (Welder) Free Cv Template

Welder – Job Description

Welding is a complicated chemical process in which two pieces of metal are fused together by use of heat applied and focused on a specific area. Welders are quite useful and important in all things related to Construction. They must use their knowledge of metallurgy and chemistry in order to place metal pieces together according to the construction plans for them to be solid enough to withstand the weight of heavy structures, such as houses and buildings. Welders may use specialized torches designed to burn sheets of metal in order to cut them apart.
The tools and techniques used by a Welder may vary greatly depending on the type of metal they’re fusing due to the fact that different metals may have different properties and qualities, which may affect the necessary temperature and method of fusing. Some Welders are even trained and specialized in working underwater.
Like in all Construction jobs, Welders need to pay special attention to safety procedures and protocols. The tools they use on a daily basis can be quite hazardous if used improperly or without enough attention.

Work Duties:

  • Analyzing and understanding blueprints and designs.
  • Understanding the characteristics and properties of the types of metals that will be used.
  • Following all safety and health procedures to avoid accidents and hazards.
  • Selecting the best type of equipment and method to weld specific metals.
  • Preparing and mounting pieces of metal according to the design and welding them together.

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