Lesedi #31 (Cab Driver) Free CV Template

Cab Driver – Job Description

Cab Drivers and Chauffeurs operate cars, SUVs, vans, or limousines to transport passengers from one location to another. They collect their passengers at designated areas, along with any baggage they might carry, and take them to their destination in the safest and most time-efficient way possible. Cab Drivers work for independent taxi lines and companies. These companies have a fleet of cars identified as cabs belonging to a specific line and they hire as many Drivers as they need to operate their cars. Customers can request their service by calling the line’s dispatchers and asking for a unit or they can hail a cab car on the streets. Cab Drivers are the ones responsible for charging passengers the established fares that can be flat-rated or calculated by a taximeter, based on the time and distance of the ride.

Work Duties:

  • Inspecting vehicle condition.
  • Communicating with dispatchers or company.
  • Receiving information about pickup assignments.
  • Adhering to traffic laws and regulations at all times.
  • Picking up and dropping off passengers at designated points.
  • Signaling their availability to pedestrians.
  • Informing passengers of fares and fees and collecting payment accordingly.
  • Assisting passengers with limited mobility or baggage.
  • Following passenger directions to destination, taking the most time-efficient route.
  • Maintaining records of all rides and fares collected.
  • Turning in reports to dispatchers or company.

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