Cruise #37 (Software Developer) Free CV / Resume Template

Software Developer – Job Description

Cruise #37 (Software Developer) Free CV / Resume Template

Software Developers often work for computer firms and manufacturers. Their main role is to create the foundations for operative systems on which Computer Programmers work. They design, write, and test code for new systems and software to ensure efficiency. Software Developers also run diagnostic programs and quality assurance (QA) testing on existing projects before launching them to certify effectiveness. A Software Developer is involved in all the process related to creating and designing new systems; from initial planning, to establishing parameters, designing, writing, coding, encrypting, and testing. This process is usually undertaken by a team of Software Developers, with each member carrying out a particular step of the process and a supervisor overseeing the entire project.

The work of a Software Developer may sometimes overlap with that of a Database Administrator. Many systems have to interact in one way or another with data management systems, so it is the responsibility of the Software Developer to ensure that both systems are compatible. Some Software Developers can do this by themselves if they possess enough knowledge on data management systems and software. Software Developers often use several programming languages, their job is often very complex and it involves advanced knowledge in computer science and mathematics. Their field is constantly evolving and new technologies and advancements are made every day, so they must be in a constant state of learning and self-improvement.

Work Duties:

  • Meeting with clients and Project Managers to design and develop new software.
  • Establishing parameters and designing the architecture of new software.
  • Designing, writing, reading, testing, and correcting code for new software.
  • Running QA testing and searching for bugs in developing software.
  • Reporting to clients and Project Managers on the development of new software.
  • Testing and implementing software updates and improvements when necessary.
  • Writing documentation for new and updated software.

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