Storm #38 (Warehouse General Worker) Free CV / Resume Template

Warehouse General Worker – Job Description

Storm #38 (Warehouse General Worker) Free CV / Resume Template

A Warehouse Worker’s general role consists on receiving, sorting, and stocking goods for latter dispatching. Warehouses are used mainly by companies, businesses, and sometimes individuals, to store and keep items of different natures, including food, products, technological items, clothes, and furniture. Warehouse Workers use specialized tools to sort, inventory, and store the items they receive, from specialized software for accounting to heavy-lifting machines for storing in secure places. They are usually hired by storing facilities, harbours, and distribution centres. Some companies may be big enough to have their own warehouse and employees, but most companies and businesses use independent storing warehouses for these purposes.

Work Duties:

  • Checking lists of incoming items.
  • Receiving incoming cargo and comparing them to the lists.
  • Inspecting the condition of cargo.
  • Storing cargo following labelling and sorting procedures.
  • Updating inventory of stored items.
  • Retrieving items according to clients’ requests.
  • Listing all outgoing items.
  • Charging clients for storing services based on company policies.

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