How To Avoid Job Scams and Job Scammers in South Africa

How To Avoid Job Scams and Job Scammers in South Africa

Boy oh boy do we love these colourful job sites that are constantly being updated with job “opportunities” and boy oh boy do we get scammed by the scammers on these sites. Aren’t you tired of falling victim to these job scams? Aren’t we all tired? The good news is that, never and never again shall this great nation be duped and scammed by these scammers after reading this article. Since the latest Job Stats were released (and before that) a whole lot of job scams have been going around. It can be really difficult to tell the difference between what is real and what’s a scam. Scammers are getting more sophisticated and coming up with new ways to take advantage of job seekers all the time.

There are many online job scams that take advantage of job seekers in a variety of ways. Scammers have several purposes, depending on the scam – to collect confidential information to use for identity theft, to get you to wire or send money, and to get you to pay for services or supplies. In addition to job-related scams, there are other scams related to employment. Whether it’s trying to sell services or paid training or offering to file for unemployment for you, there are many different types of scams to avoid.

When you apply for a job, you usually provide very sensitive personal information, so you are a gold mine for scammers. Sometimes the scammers want to take all the money in your bank account or sell you something useless (or nonexistent). Sometimes the purpose of the scam is to collect personal information from you to sell to other scammers. As I always say, if the opportunity seems “too good to be true,” it is probably a scam. Pay attention to what your instincts tell you if something feels “off” about the opportunity. Before you apply for a job or respond to an email with a copy of your cv / resume, make sure the opportunity matches the requirements and expectations.

Some job scams are easy to spot while others appear legitimate. So how do you know who to trust? For answers to such questions and more, join me for the next few weeks as I will be doing a series on job scams and how avoid them. Posts from this series will be published every Thursday so make sure you are subscribed to my blog and get email notifications as soon as a new blog comes out.

Published by Lithemba Njobe


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