Heritage #46 (Internship) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE


Heritage #46 (Internship) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE

An internship may be defined as a career specific work experience that one undertakes during / after one’s studies in order to gain the practical experience required to operate and make a positive contribution with respect to the career path one eventually pursues. With the acknowledgement of the very challenging nature of the job market, acquiring such experience during at an early stage places such an individual at more of a competitive advantage than the average career seeker with little or no experience at all.

Such an experience also enables the individual to have a better understanding of the nature of the working world and the challenges they will face throughout their career development process.

The nature of an internship often varies across companies, but one will find that most internships are unpaid, especially in NGO’s  and most work that takes place in the public sector.

Aside from gaining practical experience in the workplace, an internship provides the individual with the opportunity   to make use of the skills acquired from the training provided at school/ university/college.

In the event of candidates illustrating a good command of the transference of such acquired skills,   companies often offer the intern a permanent salaried position.

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