Boikanyo #49 (Nursery Teacher) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE

Nursery Teacher – Job Description

Boikanyo #49 (Nursery Teacher) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE

Nursery Teacher are teachers who specialize in working with young children, i.e toddlers. Their role consists mostly on providing nursing and instruction in the most basic aspects of formal education. Some of the topics they cover include vocabulary, basic reading and writing, and developing the foundations of social interactions. Nursery Teachers must also create a positive environment and detect behavioural or cognitive difficulties in their students in order to apply the necessary corrections or teaching methods. The most common place for Nursery Teacher to work in are kindergartens and daycare centers. These are special facilities filled with the necessary personnel to provide young children with everything they need to boost their physical, mental, and emotional development. Nursery Teacher may also work in community centres or even for companies that offer daycare services to their employers.

Work Duties:

  • Stimulating and assisting in the integral development of children’s skills.
  • Maintaining a caring, inclusive, safe, and hygienic environment.
  • Developing schedules and routines, all while promoting good behaviours and habits.
  • Tracking and reporting children’s progress and development, as well as their health, safety, and well-being


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