HOPE #54 (Guidance Counsellor) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE

Guidance Counsellor – Job Description

HOPE #54 (Guidance Counsellor) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE

Guidance Counsellors provide competent, ethical, and professionally delivered knowledge, information, and services on educational orientation and training, helping current and prospective students work toward achieving their personal and academic goals. They administer and interpret standardized interest, aptitude, and ability tests to help students identify their strengths and develop self-awareness.

In some cases, Guidance Counsellors are also responsible for overseeing students’ mental health by administering clinical pre-screeners and psycho-educational assessments, as well as referring students to other specialized services when required.

Guidance Counsellors are usually hired by public and private schools and other academic institutions, often working within the Health and Counselling Services department. Sometimes, smaller schools will have a Teacher or the schools Psychologist work as a Guidance Counsellor or vice versa, as long as this individual is qualified in both fields.

Work Duties:

  • Offering support in academic and vocational development by identifying students’ goals and helping them work toward achieving them.
  • Identifying students’ skills and helping them improve these skills or develop new ones.
  • Advising students on educational, professional, and/or vocational issues.
  • Providing students with a wide range of educational and occupational information.
  • Providing information on job search strategies, including résumé and cover letter writing, as well as interview preparation and networking best practices.


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