Revelation #57 (Personal Assistant) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE

Personal Assistant – Job Description

Revelation #57 (Personal Assistant) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE

Personal assistants work in the heart of every business, providing incredible administrative support who have huge potential to earn a six-figure salary, travel the world and enjoy amazing career progression.  As a personal assistant (often shortened to PA), you will work closely with senior managerial or executive staff to provide administrative support, usually on a one-to-one basis. Personal assistant careers are varied and you will play a pivotal role in helping a manager to make best use of their time with administrative and secretarial tasks.

A brilliant multi-tasker, the personal assistant job role is wide ranging. From project managing, organising diaries, keeping notes and scheduling meetings to setting up conferences and assisting with travel trips, a personal assistant can expect to enjoy a busy but varied day. Career prospects are excellent with many personal assistants rising up the ranks quickly to eventually work at a CEO level or progress to another area of the company like marketing or HR.

Work Duties:

  • Reviewing and filtering all incoming and outgoing mail, calls, emails, and faxes.
  • Managing an executive’s daily schedule, setting up professional and personal appointments.
  • Acting as a liaison and first point of contact with individuals and organizations.
  • Performing searches and providing information and recommendations.
  • Preparing presentations, documents, and other reports.
  • Filing and organizing paper and electronic documents, such as emails, reports, and other administrative records.


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