Earned #59 (Security Guard) Free CV / RESUME TEMPLATE

Security Guard – Job Description

Earned #59 (Security Guard) Free CV / RESUME TEMPLATE

Security Guards work for a Security Agency/Company that gets hired by third parties to protect and guard their assets (e.g. property, people, equipment, or money). They can be armed or unarmed and use specialized equipment and tactics to do their job. Security Guards use various types of equipment to do their job (e.g. video cameras, motion sensors, alarms, and lethal or non-lethal weapons, always in compliance with regulations). The level of security required and the means to protect an asset will depend on the client’s profile and what they are intending to protect.

Security Guards are often stationed guarding private and public institutions, private property, and residences. Many companies hire the services of specialized Security Agencies to protect their assets. However, some companies are big enough to have their own security staff. The grand majority of Security Guards wear uniforms to properly identify themselves and the agency they work for, as well as to create a sense of authority.

Work Duties:

• Reviewing previous log entries.
• Monitoring the area using video cameras.
• Patrolling the area and looking out for suspicious activities.
• Granting access to restricted areas to authorized personnel and visitors.
• Escorting people outside the premises when necessary.
• Detaining offenders and calling law enforcement when necessary.
• Writing new entries into the log reporting any irregularities.
• Escorting valuables when necessary.
• Providing assistance during emergencies.


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