STUDENT CV / RESUME / MOTIVATIONAL LETTER I created this template with tertiary students and Grade 12’s in mind ( but of course, like all my other templates, anyone in any sector can use it if they feel like it will increase their odds of getting that dream interview.) ONE MORE THING: If you likeContinue reading “Mafu #60 (Student) FREE CV / RESUME / MOTIVATIONAL LETTER TEMPLATE”

10 Ways to Nail Your Next Interview

1. Know the position you are applying for. If you can get your hands on one, study the job description to truly understand what the company is looking for. If the job description calls for leading a team, tailor your answers accordingly. Knowing this, you can navigate the interview and discuss examples from previous jobsContinue reading “10 Ways to Nail Your Next Interview”

Umoja #47 (Lab Technician) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE

Lab Technician – Job Description One of the most important members of a research laboratory team are Laboratory Technicians. They are in charge of a variety of tasks and responsibilities such as the organization and maintenance of lab tools and equipment, data recording, as well as ensuring efficiency and accuracy when conducting scientific experiments andContinue reading “Umoja #47 (Lab Technician) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE”

Heritage #46 (Internship) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE

WHAT IS AN INTERNSHIP An internship may be defined as a career specific work experience that one undertakes during / after one’s studies in order to gain the practical experience required to operate and make a positive contribution with respect to the career path one eventually pursues. With the acknowledgement of the very challenging natureContinue reading “Heritage #46 (Internship) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE”

Vintage #45 (Civil Engineer) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE

Civil Engineer – Job Description A Civil Engineer oversees the construction, repair, and maintenance of buildings and other infrastructures (e.g. bridges, roads, railways, tunnels, and even sewage systems). Most Civil Engineers work for engineering and construction firms, although they can also be found in many other industries.Civil Engineering can be divided into two general categories:Continue reading “Vintage #45 (Civil Engineer) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE”

How to Spot a Fake Job Ad on Gumtree, Indeed, Pnet, Careers24 etc

If the opportunity seems “too good to be true,” it is probably a scam. Pay attention to what your instincts tell you if something feels “off” about the opportunity. Before you apply for a job or respond to an email with a copy of your resume or your CV, make sure the opportunity doesn’t matchContinue reading “How to Spot a Fake Job Ad on Gumtree, Indeed, Pnet, Careers24 etc”

Mulalo #44 (Hairdresser) Free CV / Resume Template

Hairdresser – Job Description Hairstylists usually work in hairdressing salons or barber shops. These establishments may vary according to the type of customers they service. Some hairdressing salons focus mostly on female customers, offering other services that may include makeup consultations and application, nail care services, and spa treatments; whereas barber shops specialize in maleContinue reading “Mulalo #44 (Hairdresser) Free CV / Resume Template”

Letsatsi #43 (Receptionist) Free CV / Resume Template

Receptionist – Job Description Receptionists are usually the very first point of contact with whom clients and employees will be interacting when contacting an organization. Their main duty is to greet visitors and show them to the person best suited to assist them. They also address clients and employees’ phone and in-person inquiries, schedule andContinue reading “Letsatsi #43 (Receptionist) Free CV / Resume Template”

Zwelihle #42 (Factory Worker) Free CV / Resume Template

Factory Worker – Job Description Factory workers operate machinery to manufacture different products, which can vary depending on the industry. Factory workers are responsible for a range of functions including processing, sorting, and packing the products, as well as operating the machines and monitoring the output to check it is in line with compliance standards.Continue reading “Zwelihle #42 (Factory Worker) Free CV / Resume Template”

How To Avoid Job Scams and Job Scammers in South Africa

Boy oh boy do we love these colourful job sites that are constantly being updated with job “opportunities” and boy oh boy do we get scammed by the scammers on these sites. Aren’t you tired of falling victim to these job scams? Aren’t we all tired? The good news is that, never and never againContinue reading “How To Avoid Job Scams and Job Scammers in South Africa”