STUDENT CV / RESUME / MOTIVATIONAL LETTER I created this template with tertiary students and Grade 12’s in mind ( but of course, like all my other templates, anyone in any sector can use it if they feel like it will increase their odds of getting that dream interview.) ONE MORE THING: If you likeContinue reading “Mafu #60 (Student) FREE CV / RESUME / MOTIVATIONAL LETTER TEMPLATE”

Earned #59 (Security Guard) Free CV / RESUME TEMPLATE

Security Guard – Job Description Security Guards work for a Security Agency/Company that gets hired by third parties to protect and guard their assets (e.g. property, people, equipment, or money). They can be armed or unarmed and use specialized equipment and tactics to do their job. Security Guards use various types of equipment to doContinue reading “Earned #59 (Security Guard) Free CV / RESUME TEMPLATE”

REViVE #51 (Social Media Brand Strategist) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE

Social Media Brand Strategist – Job Description A Social Media Brand Strategist often works under the Brand Manager or marketing team to ensure a consistent and effective brand message on all online platforms. She/he will often need to be forward-thinking to anticipate future trends and success of a product or service. A strategist will develop positioning recommendations, guide marketContinue reading “REViVE #51 (Social Media Brand Strategist) FREE CV / RESUME TEMPLATE”